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Date 2020-02-10
【Literary collection】
The Department’s literary collection is the fruit of purchasing and collective management by the NCCU Library, which acquires books and publications with the annual budgets allotted for each academic department by the university’s accounting department. Acquisition of new books and publication is based on the list of books and journals submitted by the Department. The books and publication in Korean currently available at the library include novels, poetry, linguistics, history, geography, Korean language learning , dictionaries and so forth.
Apart from the NCCU Library, other on-campus libraries, such as the Institute of International Relationships Library, also have a wide collection of Korean books. Additionally, the DKLC Library located on the second floor of Dao Fan Building has a collection of more than 5,000 volumes of Korean books. Most were either purchased with the department budget over the years or donated by related Korean organizations (e.g. National Institute of Korean History and Korea Foundation Cultural Center), other universities, publishers, faculty members, and alumni. Books collected by the DKLC Library are open for borrowing by students. It is furnished with desks and chairs for students to read in the library. Besides a place for reading, it serves as a study room for students to revise their lessons before the examination.

【Venue & AV equipment】
The venues reserved for the Department include an AV classroom and a seminar room. The AV classroom is equipped with a DVD player, a projector, an automatic projector screen and an oval-shaped conference table that allow students to improve their mastery of the Korean language through the use of multimedia application. The room next to the Department office on the third floor was originally intended to be a seminar room, but it is now used by the student association as a place for meetings and storage of items and files. Student representatives are also allowed to use the room to convene meetings on class related affairs with other students. The Department has also made it a point to allot a specific portion of its administrative budget to purchase the latest audio/visual materials such as DVDs of Korean movies and legitimate copies of Korean dramas sold in Korea or Taiwan for students to borrow so as to stimulate their interests for after-class learning and enhance their learning performance. The Department office is also equipped with notebook PCs and projectors that instructors can use to facilitate teaching during lectures.
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