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Date 2020-02-10
The Department of Korean Language and Culture’s mission is to foster promising talents equipped with international vision and mastery of the Korean language to engage in affairs related to Korea. During the initial stage of establishment, the Department has adopted the cultivation of talents who specialize in Korean language and affairs to be its primary objective. As such, the courses offered by the Department emphasize the training of students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing and communication skills in Korean, complete with the delivery of rudimentary knowledge in Korean history, culture, literature, politics and economics to help students become well-cultured in Korean studies as well as mastering the language.

In other words, given the Department’s objective of actively cultivating talents in the Korean language, the courses have been carefully designed to cover both theoretical and practical aspects of the language. Lectures are geared towards language learning; apart from emphasis in the training of language skills including reading, conversation, listening and writing, the Department also offers other practical courses such as word processing in Korean, Korean translation, Korean interpretation, business Korean and news in Korean. These courses are further supplemented with professional courses on Korean linguistics and literature. In addition, the Department has also gone to great lengths to impart knowledge of Korean culture, history, social studies, current affairs, politics and economics so that students will be able to conduct academic research or devote to relevant domains after laying a sound foundation in the language, culture and related knowledge of Korea.

Furthermore, the Department also encourages diversified development for students by collaborating with the College of Foreign Languages & Literature to offer the “Dual Language & Dual Skills Program” along with the honors program for English, foreign language communication program, business (marketing management) program, international affairs program and so forth. The Department even offers direct channels for students wishing to major in third foreign language and second specialty. Last but not least, the Department is also working with the Department of Japanese to offer the Northeast Asian Language Course in order to provide more options for students to choose from while encouraging them to strive for a double major or minor in Korean. These courses will help students in the Department to acquire more professional knowledge apart from their major in Korean so as to strengthen their competitiveness in the society.


2012.8      Master Program was established

2013.5      NCCU&SKKU Master double degree MOU

2014.5      NCCU&SKKU Master double degree Agreemnet
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