• Title:2012 Residency Program for Translators
  • Post Date:2012-05-07

2012 Residency Program for Translation Research in Korean Literature
 Korea Literature Translation Institute (LTI Korea) invites outstanding translators from abroad to the 2012 Residency Program for Translation Research in Korean Literature. Through this program, LTI Korea aims to support the native-language translators of the highest level, who wish to live in Korea while carrying out an in-depth examination of Korean literature and art culture, and provide them with opportunities to interact with other translators, academics and authors in Korea. LTI Korea is accepting applications for the residency program, please apply following the information below.
○ Duration of the Program: June 2012 – February 2013
※ This program will be run for a limited period of time.
○ Details of the Program
- Monthly living expenses in Korea
- Meetings with other translators and authors
- Additional support for literary field trips, translation seminars, etc.
○ Requirements
- Translator or translation researcher of Korean literature, culture and/or art who resides abroad and who satisfies one of the criteria below:
① A person who has published at least one work on Korean literature, culture or art abroad;
② A person who has received an award (or awards) for a translation in Korean literature, culture or art from an organization or institution in Korea or abroad; or
③ A person who has contributed to the dissemination of Korean literature overseas and who has demonstrated his or her qualifications and achievements.
    * Past participants from the period of 2009-2011 are not eligible.
○ Duration of Stay: 1-3 months
○ Financial Support: Roundtrip airfare (actual expense), living expenses (approximately 3 million won per month)
□ Application and Selection Process
○ Required documents
① 2012 Residency Program for Translation Research in Korean Literature Application Form (The form can be downloaded from LTI Korea website)
② Personal statement (free-form, approx. A4 3 pages)
③ Translation research plan (free-form, approx. A4 4 pages)
○ How to Apply: Submit your application through e-mail (residence@klti.or.kr)
○ Submission Period: May 3rd (Thursday) - May 25th (Friday)
○ Result announcement: The final decision will be informed to the applicants by first week of June and will be posted on the LTI Korea website.
○ For additional information, please contact :
Alex Baek, International Cooperation Department
(Tel: 82-2-6919-7723, E-mail: residence@klti.or.kr)

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