Entrance Exam for the MA Program of Academic Year 2018: 5 students
MA Program
Status General Students
Planned Enrollment Number 5
Department and Graduate Institute Code 6161
Qualification for
Those certified with TOPIK II Level 4 and up

Exam Items and Percentage

Percentage Subject Weight
Written Exam
1. Chinese                                      10%
2. English                                       20%
3. Korean (Literature 30% Linguistics 40% Historical culture 30% )   40%
   (Exam time : 150 min ,without break)
Oral Exam
Qualification  1. According to the results of written test, up to 21 examinees are selected for the oral exam. 
 2. The oral exam shall be taken in Korean.

 March. 28, 2015

Venue  2F, Lab of the Department of Korean Language and Culture, Doufan Building
Other Requirements
1. Those who are eligible for the oral exam shall prepare the information below compiled into a book with one set of five copies (one original and four duplicate ones) sent to the Department Office using registered mail (postmark) or in person before March 23 (Monday). The Application
materials are not returnable after the exam.
(1) Autobiography written in Chinese.
(2) Research proposal written in Chinese.
(3) Undergraduate transcript
(4) Certificate of TOPIK II Level 4 and up (The certificate will be examined on the day when the oral exam is taken and return to the examinees afterwards; if the certificate cannot be presented within the timeframe, the examinee shall not be eligible for the oral exam, and the examination fee shall not be refunded.)
2. Students enrolled in the MA program who fail to pass Level 6 of TOPIK II are not eligible for graduation.
※Detail information of the time and venue of the oral exam will be announced on the website of the Department three days in advance. Examinees shall log on the website for more information.
Sequence for tie scores  1.Oral exam result (including study plan)
 2.Result of Korean Test



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